Trey Songz has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons lately. Several women have accused him of sexual assault and other horrific treatment. Trey has now come forward with a a shocking piece of evidence into the case accusing him of sexual assault.

Trey Songz believes the surprising piece of information he provided to the court shows that his accuser and her attorney tampered with the witness in the case against him for sexual assault. Radar has a direct message from a witness to the incident that night that denies the singer assaulted anyone that was provided to Trey’s crew.

As previously reported by, Jauhara Jeffries has accused Trey of sexual assault. In a Miami court, the woman filed a civil case against the musician. In the lawsuit, Jauhara claimed that on New Year’s Eve of 2018, she was out having fun with Trey at a club.

Trey is said to have invited her out after the two first met several hours earlier at Diddy’s residence. Jauhara claimed that Trey digitally penetrated her without her consent when she was in the VIP area. According to the claimed victim, the musician threw her out of the car after she allegedly raced out of the club into his vehicle. She is suing for $20 million in losses.

Trey has vigorously refuted every accusation of wrongdoing and was never held accountable for the claimed attack. A direct message Mariah Eliza sent to Trey’s team is the new piece of evidence that he has added to the case file. Eliza texted about attempting to DM Trey.

I’m sure he won’t see it. The only number I have for him is old, can you please tell him I keep getting an attorney in Miami sending me a letter with an anonymous girls name trying to press charges. It’s a lie I was there, I haven’t called their office because first, she’s lying, second I’d testify for Trey, not her.

She said that she had been contacted numerous times by the victim’s attorney. The claimed witness then gave her account of what happened in the club. According to Mariah, Trey extended an invitation to his home to several of the VIP area girls.

The alleged victim allegedly began “film him dancing and having fun.” Trey is hoping the proof would back up his accusation that Jeffries lawyer has been paying witnesses between $100 and $200k to change their testimony in order to support Jeffries version of events. Check out the DM screenshots below.

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