Trey Songz is one of the most well-known rappers in the world, but he may have overstepped his bounds this time. Trey Songz is notorious for getting himself into problems due to his own misdeeds. Fans witnessed as multiple accusations of rape were leveled on him. Trey Songz’s brother recently expressed his disapproval of Trey’s multiple rape charges.

Trey Songz has been accused of sexual assault in several places. Ruski, the R&B singer’s brother, rushed to social media on Tuesday night, February 15 to defend his brother’s dignity in the wake of the terrifying allegations leveled against him.

According to TMZ, Trey Songz is under fire for reportedly “anally rapping” a female under the moniker of Jane Doe at a Los Angeles house party in 2016, in addition to litigation in Las Vegas and Miami coming from a Diddy New Year’s Eve party. The $20 million lawsuit claims they had a consensual sexual connection before he became a “savage rapist”.

“Y’all have these wild misconceptions that [Trey Songz] has all these rape allegations when he doesn’t,” Trey’s brother posted to his Instagram Story. “All the ones you’ve been seeing are from the same lawyer. How on earth is that not coincidental to y’all?”

Ruski then reacted to fans bringing up the time Keke Palmer accused Trey Songz of employing “sexual intimidation” tactics and inserting her likeness in a video without her consent when she was forced to “hide in a closet” to avoid being in the Fabolous-assisted “Pick Up the Phone (Remix)” video in 2017.

“[Keke Palmer] never accused him of anything sexual. She was speaking to his energy and desire to have her in a music video she didn’t want to be in. And again, that is her prerogative!”

Ruski discussed how The Shade Room’s tweets are unfair to his brother and how the rape lawyer is attempting to extort Trey. The final order is yet to come. Now fans have to wait to see whether these charges were true or not. For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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