Trey Songz and Chris Brown have gotten themselves into some heat in recent months. Both have been alleged of multiple rapes and sexual assaults and are facing large lawsuits as a result.

The majority of their accusers prefer anonymity. But the story that lifted the doors off Trey Songz’s situation was when Instagram influencer, music artist, and former professional women’s basketballer Dylan Gonzalez recalled her rape at the hands of Trey Songz.

Songz’s victims have grown in number since then. Similarly, two unidentified victims have accused Chris Brown of drugging and raping them in Miami in December 2020 at Diddy’s mansion. These pending cases have created a lot of buzz around these two artists.

Chris Brown replied by saying that when he is about to release new music, people try to bring him down. He said, “I hope y’all see this pattern of (cap) whenever I’m releasing music or projects, “they” try to pull some real bullsh*t.”

Ariel Mitchell, the lawyer, is now representing three of Songz’s accusers as well as two of Breezy’s accusers in their $20 million lawsuits against both R&B artists. Mitchell recently spoke with gossip YouTuber and interviewer Tasha K about how these prices pale in comparison to the worth of a woman’s body.

“I’m up to five individuals. Three against Trey Songz and two against Chris Brown… Everybody thinks about these dollar amounts, that’s all they hear is big numbers. Tell me what your vagina’s worth to you.”

Mitchell also expressed confidence in her ability to prove her cases involving Chris Brown’s accusers, saying, “I know Chris Brown was drugging girls.”

We will have to see how this situation pans out in the future. In the meantime, we thank you for reading all about it here at Thirsty. You can check out Ariel Mitchell’s interview with Tasha K below.

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