Drake is one of the hottest pop acts in the industry. The Canadian artist has given many hits over the years. It looks like his fake version known as Izzy Drake is back for more tea. Izzy now wants to revive his professional Drake lookalike career by challenging his idol to a $1 million celebrity boxing bout.

Whether the genuine Drake fights the fake Drake or not, Damon Feldman of Celebrity Boxing that TMZ that he signed the imposter and booked a bout for an August 27th event. The stakes are enormous because if the impersonator fails, he will cease to be the genuine Drake.

The new wave consists of ordinary people who look like rappers and capitalize on their resemblance. Despite jumping from city to city dressed as Drake, booking club events dressed as Drake, and even bragging about how the rapper isn’t mad at him for trying to live off Drake’s perks, Fake Drake insists that he isn’t trying to be anyone but himself.

Fake Drake claims his personality and demeanor are all him, not a Drake wannabe. He also hinted that he saw Drake wearing a jacket he owned years ago. Obviously, he’s having a good time stirring the pot.

The embarrassing VIP removal of bogus Drake from one of real Drake’s favorite Houston nightclubs was first reported by TMZ Hip Hop. Although $1 million is probably not enough of a motivator to pull the actual Drizzy out of bed, there’s little doubt that he’d be content to watch his doppelgänger disappear on its own. Check out the videos below.

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