Erika Jayne married Thomas Girardi, a founding partner of Girardi & Keese in Downtown Los Angeles, after meeting in 1998. Erika was labeled as the “frontwoman” in ex-Tom Girardi’s alleged fraud “scheme” in a $50 million racketeering case. Erika has now lost her legal battle over Tom’s $1.4 million diamond earrings.

According to Radar Online, a federal judge has ordered a pair of diamond earrings owned by Erika Jayne. It was purchased by her estranged husband, Tom Girardi. The earrings were to be auctioned off to the highest bidder in order to help pay off the debts of the once-respected lawyer.

Earlier today, a shocking court hearing took place in the fight between Jayne and the trustee ruling over Girardi’s now-shuttered law firm’s Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Girardi and his company were driven into bankruptcy by creditors in 2020. According to them, the once-respected lawyer refused to pay his debts.

Jayne’s spouse is accused of running his firm like a Ponzi scheme. Many of his former clients, including orphans, widows, and a fire victim, have similar stories. Girardi’s former clients testified in court that he would negotiate a settlement for them but then make excuses when it came time to pay.

The court subsequently appointed a trustee to take charge of Girardi’s property and assets. Months later, the trustee sued Jayne for the return of the $25 million. The suit demanded that the Bravo actress reimburse the money Girardi’s firm spent on invoices for her company EJ Global.

The trustee then demanded that Jayne hand over the $750k diamond earrings purchased by Girardi in 2007. The earrings are now valued at almost $1.4 million. She objected, stating she was unaware of her husband’s alleged embezzlement.

In today’s hearing, the court ruled that it didn’t matter that Jayne was unaware of the alleged offenses, and ordered that they are the property of the estate. According to, a trustee’s counsel stated it in open court. Following the court verdict, attorney Ronald Richards, who previously worked on the bankruptcy, also stated his views.

“This is an unfortunate case. The facts as far as I am concerned are pretty straightforward: There was embezzlement fraud from Day 1, not by Erika Girardi but Mr. Girardi. And the facts are laid out in the record. The trustee gets the record the best she can.”

“The decision to award the earrings to the estate was a justifiable one. Erika’s fantastical belief that she could keep the proceeds of an embezzlement of the client trust account was disturbing and should never have been argued.”

“She has no compassion and one day soon her attorney and her will know that just because you claim willful blindness, doesn’t mean you get to keep stolen property. She will be liable for all the funds paid on her behalf and all the gifts provided with the stolen client funds.”

Erika’s reaction to the court’s decision remains to be seen. We will keep you updated on the situation. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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