The ongoing legal battle between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has revealed a number of previously hidden details about the couple. Depp had another go on the witness stand, and he had a chance to say something about the tales Heard told during the case.

As TMZ reported, Amber accused Johnny of taking a number of MDMA pills during the former couple’s trip to Australia in 2015. Heard previously testified that he takes 8-10 pills at one while  Johnny claimed to have only used MDMA 6-7 times in his life.

Depp’s lawyer questioned if he’d ever taken eight or ten pills at once. To which Depp replied that he’d be dead by now if he ever did so.

“No, I’m pretty sure I’d be dead, I think one would die, rather quickly.”

Johnny Depp’s final statements on the stand could be the most impactful. When asked how Amber’s assertions made him feel, Johnny Depp responded with a lengthy list of words to describe the gut-wrenching effect they had on him, before going on to label them completely untrue.

Johnny also expressed pride in going there and telling the truth, regardless of the jury’s decision. Johnny stated that some issues become so out of hand that they must be addressed and fixed publicly, which he claims he has done here.

Heard’s legal team has called Johnny back to answer a series of questions, he had testified to a few weeks ago. Amber has accused the actor of additional allegations, including violence, which he will now have to answer. The trial may go longer than planned due to Johnny’s return to the stand.

Both sides have faced serious claims throughout the trial.  Heard claimed Johnny had sexually assaulted her with a glass bottle. Of course, when it comes to the infamous bed poop episode, both have completely different stories. Stay tuned to Thirsty for more updates.

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