Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s legal struggle has been complicated from the start. They both needed a powerful and dependable lawyer to assist them in winning the case. Johnny’s lawyer showed her skills by capturing the attention of people all around the world who were watching the trial live, and she is now being considered to deliver the key closing argument.

According to Radar Online, Camille Vasquez, the hotshot young lawyer who interrogated Amber Heard in the dramatic Virginia courtroom battle, is being regarded as a serious contender to replace attorney Ben Chew in making the all-important closing argument. The more experienced Chew, from the law firm Brown Rudnick, who is defending Johnny Depp in the multi-million-dollar case, was supposed to give the much-anticipated closure.

Chew, a litigation partner with the company, has over 25 years of courtroom experience. Vasquez, on the other hand, stunned the world with her tough interrogation of Heard, questioning the Aquaman star about the lack of visible injuries following the alleged abuse. She also grilled Heard about whether Depp had even abused her and if she had ever donated the $7 million she claimed she had to the ACLU.

“Everyone thought Ben was the clear choice, but some inside Depp’s camp believe Camille should deliver the close.”

“The goal of the close is to be persuasive in a case summary. Some of Camille’s advocates on Depp’s team believe she has the moral high ground to deliver a compelling argument.”

As the shocking trial comes to a close and the jury prepares to enter the deliberation room, attention has gradually shifted to how both parties will present their case at the conclusion. The close, which is often made by the lead attorney, is seen as a final act by each party that summarizes both the plaintiff’s and defendant’s case.

“[The jury] could be really unsympathetic but they could come back and say it’s mathematically probable that I’ve lost at least $25 million in future income,” said Virginia defamation lawyer Jeremiah Denton. “Well then, it’s kind of hard to turn your back on that.” Depp and Heard have both testified in the $100 million dueling defamation case. Depp is widely seen as arrogant on the witness stand, yet a dramatic Heard mesmerized jurors throughout her evidence as she addressed them directly.

If Depp is to win the lawsuit, the jury must reach a unanimous ruling, which means that all members of the panel must agree that Heard has defamed her Hollywood superstar ex. Let us wait and see what the Jury decides. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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