Cardi B seems to be enjoying her time during her south-of-the-border vacation with Offset, visiting streets together and picking up accessories along the way. The couple are also going out and mixing it up a bit with the locals while they’re at it.

Cardi B and Offset went for a walk in Cabo Saturday, and on their way back to their yacht, some young kids were selling their finest stocks, which Offset couldn’t refuse.

According to TMZ, the rapper bought a few bracelets from the kids, and the little ones were delighted that they made a sale, running around with big smiles on their faces. The couple went back to their yacht for drinks after their purchase.

Cardi B went on vacation last week, and the singer got a beachside view of quite the show Saturday, a yacht sinking faster than the Titanic. In fact, the WAP rapper’s viral video spawned its own Titanic parody. Cardi recorded everything on video and posted it saying, “What the f*ck?!? It’s sinking!!! Y’all see this?!?”

Luckily no one was present on the yacht, according to Cardi, as she bid farewell in classic Cardi fashion…..”Bye-bye!” It still made for quite a clip. Obviously, Cardi B is still living her best life.

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