Offset and Cardi B are having a relaxed mom and dad vacation without their two children in Cabo San Lucas during Memorial Day Weekend. Cardi B decided to liven things up recently. She reminisced about her stripping days by demonstrating her abilities on the pole and then offering Migos rapper Offset a lap dance.

The video shows the Bronx bombshell working the pole while Offset watches on as The Weeknd’s “Earned It” blasts from the nightclub’s speakers. Cardi and Offset didn’t appear to be on their own on their trip, as there appeared to be several other couples and friends with them. Cardi also put out a word on Twitter.

We in Cabo … Where the h-es at? What’s the vibes for the night.

Cardi B is also a very straightforward person and a doting mother. She appears to be relishing motherhood to the fullest. Cardi and Offset both posted adorable photos of their baby boy to their Instagram accounts last month.


Offset stated that the way his wife has handled motherhood and the difficulties of being a stepparent has made life easier for the blended family. Well, Cardi also knows how to treat Offset as well. Check out the videos below.

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