Cardi B quickly established herself as one of the most well-known female rappers in the industry. However, Cardi B recently released footage of a yacht sinking in front of her, in which she can be heard screaming in shock, but fans turned it into a funny edit.

Cardi has witnessed a lot of things in her life but never a naval mishap. But things changed recently when she witnessed a yacht sinking right in front of her and couldn’t believe her eyes.

Cardi tweeted:

“I can’t believe I’m actually watching a yacht sink,”

Cardi appeared very animated in her video, screaming, “It’s sinking! Y’all see that?” However, Cardi B’s yacht commentary was quickly edited together with a video from James Cameron’s Titanic set by a Twitter user, and fans couldn’t stop themselves from posting hilarious comments on that. Cardi retweeted the fan’s edit, but she didn’t seem amused.

Cardi replied,

“You know what”

The location of Cardi and Offset is unknown, but the scene appeared to be tropical. The media personality had previously shared images from her journey on social media. On a private aircraft earlier in the day, she flaunted her remarkably strong abs on Instagram while wearing a crochet halter crop top and matching shorts.

Cardi B and her husband are enjoying a great holiday season. Keep an eye on Thirsty for more updates.

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