The Game rose to popularity as an artist in the 2000s, credited with reintroducing the West Coast hip-hop genre to the mainstream. Despite a great rap career, the musician recently shared a stunning revelation. He stated his intentions prior to becoming a rapper and he wanted to break into retail management instead.

Rappers are frequently encouraged to have a backup plan in case music does not work out. It was actually plan C in the case of The Game. During a recent All The Smoke podcast conversation with Matt Barnes and Steven Jackson, the Compton rapper pondered on his rap career, among other things. One of the most intriguing moments, though, was when he detailed his career goals after being shot.

After waking up from a coma, the rapper revealed how he had to pivot his way out of the street life. And, while he wanted to build a career out of rap music, it wasn’t his first goal. Instead, he sought a more tangible career path, such as becoming a manager at Home Depot.

“For some reason, I had wrote out in my mind five things that I wanted to do. Number one was like, go apply at Home Depot cause I would just always drive by Home Depot. It would always say ‘now hiring,’ and I figured, you know, one day I probably can manage this thing, then be district manager. I’ll be running Home Depot. I don’t know why I had that idea in my mind, but that was number one.”

Rapping came in third place on the list, but it was certainly the most beneficial. “So rap was number three, which ended up being number one cause it was the easiest to attain. I felt like cause all I would have to do is get this notebook, study some of the greats, and then I would have me some bars. Well, even though I thought it was that easy, it wasn’t,” he added.

Let’s see whether he ever reconsiders his former intentions; for the time being, he is doing great as a rapper and is also admired by many. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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Shivangini Rawat

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