The Migos rapper Quavo has dominated music charts outside his hip-hop group as well. He is now looking to start a new business venture in an event that might shift his music career and change lives in the process. Quavo recently challenged Drake to a game of basketball.

It goes without saying that Quavo is a basketball fanatic. Last year, the rapper claimed to be hip hop’s finest basketball player, and he’s been demonstrating his abilities. Last year, he and YK Osiris dominated Mustard in a game, and in a game of street basketball in Brooklyn, he embarrassed a fan.

The Migos member now appears to be setting his sights higher. Quavo showed off some of his basketball abilities in a recent Instagram story. He even took to his story to taunt Drake for not allowing them at the OVO arena.

They don’t want us at the OVO arena so we take 7 footers instead!

Drake is also passionate about basketball. The rapper demonstrated his abilities in a 2-on-2 match in 2021. Since then, he’s made a large purchase in the basketball card market, and he and LeBron James have donated $100,000 to a high school basketball player and his mother.

He’s also been working hard to teach his son the sport. A video showcasing Adonis’ skills was proudly released on Instagram by the Toronto rapper a few months ago. In a recent video, he showed his son imitating one of the game’s all-time greats, LeBron James.

Quavo has been active both on and off the court. He’s been avoiding inquiries regarding speculations that Migos is breaking up after Offset and Takeoff were unfollowed on Twitter. Check out Quavo’s moves and challenge down below.

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