Asian Doll is well-known for a variety of reasons. There’s usually something to speak about when it comes to the Dallas native, from her intense rapping skills to her prior connection with deceased rapper King Von, and even her taste in fashion. She’s been in the news recently for her back-and-forth feuds and now the shade is real.

Asian Doll is back in the spotlight, and this time with an old friend. Jada Kingdom, a dancehall artist, recently spoke about Asian’s personal business. Jada accused her of sleeping with celebs in the industry on her Instagram story, posting for her two million followers to see.

“Quavo f*cked yu and sent yu off with NADA… Lil meech f*cked you and disappeared… don’t let me start talking who yu told me yu was f*cking while with von. girl yu a THOT.”

Jada went on to say that their friendship had never been real. Asian only used her while she was too busy being genuine to realize it.

“Yu didn’t see me as a friend. Yu wanted a sidechick & a bodyguard whole time i was too busy being genuine to realize. I ignored everyone who tried to warn me and now look.” 

It’s unknown what sparked their feud, but Jada claims the two haven’t spoken since Asian allegedly, “switched like a p*ssy lil b*tch for clout.” According to the singer, her ex-friend was also a user who chatted behind her back.

Earlier this month, Asian got into a fight with a number of rappers. She and Katie Got Bandz argued over the title of “Queen of Drill,” and she went after Erica Banks for comments she made about Nicki Minaj. You can read all the story posts below.

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Smita Singha Roy

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