Bobby Shmurda has become infamous for his awkward social media dance videos. He was recently released from a long stint in prison on a conspiracy conviction. It stands to reason that he would just want to have a good time.

Cardi B knows more than a thing or two about having fun. She also is very familiar with social media trolls. She maintains one of rap’s most influential presences on Twitter and Instagram. She understands where Bobby is coming from.

Recently, Cardi took to Twitter to announce her support for Shmurda’s dance videos. She said after not being allowed to have fun for seven years, he deserves to let loose. He’s allowed to celebrate his freedom however he sees fit.

“Y’all really be trying Bobby cause he be dancing and no lie when I used to do visits in Rikers Bobby & Rowdy were always in OBC solitary confinement cause they was really getting it rockin. Them boys ain’t punked out in jail really stood on their sh*t unlike a lot of rappers.”


A fan replied that Bobby is just living his best life. Cardi agreed whole-heartedly. She said he is a free man and it is up to him how he wants to enjoy it.

“Exactly he’s Happy ass F*CK !!full of life !!! HE DID 7 years in f*cking jail. Celebrate freedom everyday and however the f*ck you want to do it !!!”

There are still options for those fans who simply can’t stop picking on Bobby Shmurda online. His recent bizarre sex advice Instagram video is one place to start. Fans could also take Cardi B’s advice and let the man have some fun.

What do you think of Cardi B’s take on Bobby Shmurda’s dance videos? Let us know in the comments!

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