Ezra Miller is best known as The Flash, but his personal life is filled with controversy. Ezra had another bad day recently. The “Fantastic Beasts” actor was reportedly arrested several times in Hawaii, but their troubles are far from over. Ezra Miller has been accused of stealing music from a producer.

Miller spent the majority of 2022 trying to avoid legal trouble. This is hard to do following repeated arrests, rumors of disturbances and attacks, and now a new allegation that he stole music from two musicians.

Producer Oliver Ignatius claimed in an interview with Rolling Stone that Miller posted music online without his permission or credit, which was surprising given their long connection. The two musicians were apparently working on Miller’s music project in Hawaii, but Ignatius described the experience as “like pulling teeth.”

“They were going through a scorched earth-type fallout with their Hollywood career. They were severing many of the relationships in their life and seemed to be on a very dangerous spiral. We all had high hopes that it was going to be a project that was beautiful, that was going to be meaningful for us, but it didn’t really pan out that way.”


Despite the fact that Ignatius said he reconciled with Miller following the actor’s publicized arrests, things fell apart. After Ignatius wrote a song about their friend who was killed by her husband, Miller reportedly didn’t agree with the message behind it. Then Miller had an “aggressive temper tantrum,” according to Ignatius.

“They were completely triggered by the song which totally freaked me out because basic feminism is a really hard line. If we don’t agree that violence by a man against a woman isn’t something worth speaking on, then we don’t agree on much. Ezra’s behavior throughout this exchange was atrocious, belligerent, threatening, and incredibly aggressive.”

“What Ezra did was commit an… extremely unethical and hurtful act. They stole from artists that have fewer resources than them but maybe have art that Ezra wants… The person I thought I knew was a much gentler soul than the person that we’re seeing right now. It’s been a very concerning journey.”

Following the altercation, Miller posted the unfinished song online, generating a significant uproar. Then Ghais Guevara, a rapper who collaborated on Miller’s project, tweeted.

“I’m posting this just to say if you are an Ezra stan, just know that the music they’re involved in isn’t a result of their own work. Especially the song that has MY verse in it.” 

It’s unclear whether this will turn into a legal dispute, because Ignatius is the owner of the song and Miller didn’t have permission to share it. Ignatius must decide whether or not to take this case before the court. For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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