The next head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers will have a huge task before them. Frank Vogel was unable to get his team of star players on the same page. LeBron James and company embarrassingly failed to qualify for this year’s NBA Playoffs.

Patrick Beverley has been a special guest on ESPN this week, and he’s been dishing out some pretty wild opinions. His most outrageous bets have been on Chris Paul, who had a dreadful game against the Dallas Mavericks in Game 7 on Sunday. Beverley has branded Paul a jerk and stated that the Suns are a team that no one should be afraid of right now.

Having saying that, Beverley offered some fascinating thoughts on the Los Angeles Lakers and their 2020 championship run. Pat Bev almost disputed their championship ring while speaking with JJ Redick, claiming that it didn’t count because there were no supporters in the arena and the bubble created a whole other environment.

Beverley was playing for the Clippers at the time, who had blown a 3-1 series lead to the Denver Nuggets. Redick instantly slammed this take as ludicrous, believing that there are other titles that may be characterized as “false.” Asterisks, in Redick’s opinion, serve no purpose and a chip is a chip.


Beverley, on the other hand, is a provocateur, so it’s no wonder that he’s spent years trying to undermine someone like LeBron James, who was in direct opposition to his team. Pat Bev is rubbing everyone the wrong way, and fans are loving it thus far. ESPN will almost certainly offer him a long-term contract soon.

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