Geneva Presbyterian Church in Laguna Woods, California was the site of a mass shooting recently. As we reported earlier, the shooting took place in California during a church social. New details have emerged in this terrible story and we have those chilling additions.

Billy Chang, a pastor, was instrumental in apprehending the gunman in the Laguna Woods church shooting. During a luncheon for the Irvine Taiwanese Presbyterian Church at Geneva Presbyterian Church in California, one person was killed and five others were injured. The suspect has not been identified and is being held in custody. The suspect is believed to be the only shooter.

The identities of the victims have likewise remained unknown. Chang was named by KTAR as the pastor being honored at the dinner. Churchgoers detained the guy, disarmed him, and “hogtied” him, according to Undersheriff Jeff Hallock. According to Hallock, the suspect is a 60-year-old Asian man.

His identity was kept a secret. Hallock stated that they are still investigating the motivation and do not know if it was a “hate-related” occurrence. Hallock stated that they do not know if the suspect had any ties to the church or if any victims were targeted.


The churchgoers who acted were praised as heroes for saving lives and preventing more damage. According to Hallock, two handguns were found from the site. Officials say four people were critically injured and one received minor injuries. The injured people were sent to local hospitals, and the individual who was killed died on the spot. According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, all six victims are adults.

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