Cardi B has been on quite some ventures when it comes to trying new things in life. She has never shied away from participating in activities alien to her. This time she has tried playing Tennis in her new Facebook series “Cardi Tries”

On Friday, Cardi appeared with guest Normani in a new segment for her Cardi Tries series. During the brief video clip, the duo attempted to master their skills in the sport. They learned the overhand serves and backhand skills while being instructed by professional tennis athlete Taylor Townsend.

The artists seemed to have a great deal of fun although Cardi looked scared of playing. She said “I’m so scared! I don’t want the ball to hit me!” as they were going back and forth on the court. This makes us want to break out a joke from Clueless about “balls flying at her face,” but we will restrain ourselves. Cardi did funnily enough smack a ball directly at an unsuspecting camera operator while practicing.

Now 14-episodes into its second season, Cardi Tries became a fan-favorite content experience. In addition to tennis, Cardi B has also tried handcrafting country music with Jimmie Allen, fishing with Keke Palmer, and tattooing with her boo Offset..


Along with her new Facebook show, the Brooklyn native also recently became the newest cast member of the beloved children’s show Baby Shark. Last month, she did a voiceover as a part of her guest-starring role on the Nick Jr. show. During the show, she created a new dance challenge with her underwater friends called the “Seaweed Shuffle.”

Cardi seems to be getting more and more offers to work on various projects. The rapper’s talents and willingness to do new things pave the way for her to achieve so much. To catch the new episodes, you can go to Cardi B’s Facebook page.

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