Cardi B has been confronting the pressures of fame recently. After a social media break, Cardi returned to the Twitter and Instagram mix. Not long after, fans immediately went back to giving her a hard time.

A recent online argument left Cardi B fuming. The “Up” rapper has had enough of online know-it-alls assuming they know her business. This time, Cardi clapped back against one entitled fan in a huge way.

A fan accused Cardi B of having a “mean girl” act. They then said that Cardi gives them the bare minimum. Cardi said she doesn’t owe anyone anything.

“The bare minimum? I don’t gotta give you or no body nothing but my kids and my mom. I don’t care bout no fans no cult no nothing. I came in the game wit not 1 fan base but my mouth. You wanted a answer now u have it. All of y’all have It IDGAF”


Cardi B loves making music and performing. She can’t stand when fans get out of control. Perhaps her exit from social media was more than justified.

Trolls have been a thorn in Cardi B’s side for quite some time. She is known to occasionally lose her temper. This time, Cardi thought things crossed the line, and she let the fans know how she felt.

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Michael Perry

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