Lil Durk has worked hard to make himself one of the best rappers in the hip-hop world right now. He is almost always in the news for one reason or another. Jay-Z is called Hov for a reason, because his lyrical prowess made people think he was god-like. Still, as time goes on Durk is believed to be the new Jay-Z.

Gillie Da King appeared on the It’s Tricky with Raquel Harper show. A clip from the episode about Lil Durk went viral on social media this week. Da King said that he believes Durk is the new Hov since Jigga is all about being a hustler and getting some money.

You know who the new Hov is – ‘I’m Durkio, but I’m Chicago JAY-Z.’. To the young street n****, yes. Because Hov was about being a hustler, getting some money.

Lil Durk also aligns with Gillie Da King’s viewpoint. Only The Family’s leader, who is only 29-years-old, has already called himself his city’s equivalent of The Blueprint album’s creator. Durk previously rapped on “The Voice” track, “I’m Durkio, but I’m Chicago Jay-Z.”

Durk also proclaimed himself as the new Hov back in a February 2021 Instagram post, “I’m the Chicago Jay-Z 🐐.” Last week, Lil Durk tripled down on that take. He expressed himself on Instagram.

I did some in Chicago nobody ever did for the artist and the city we was a family in there the opp word ain’t matter last night 💙 – Chicago JAY-Z.

Recently, Durk’s lookalike managed to catch the attention of hundreds of people online, which led to his meeting the artist behind “What Happened to Virgil.” Durk made his lookalike the star of his “Blocklist” music video. He even gave him the moniker “Perkio” as a nickname. Even Durk’s look-alike drew smoke from 6ix9ine as the rainbow-haired rapper used the doppelganger to troll Smurk.

It will take a ton of finessing and business victories for Durk to amount to Jigga’s mogul status. Only time will tell how Jay-Z and Lil Durk are remembered, but they might just eventually be on the same musical level.

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Gunjan Nath

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