The new Philadelphia 76ers guard James Harden is also known for his love of music aside from being a professional basketball player. Harden has opened up about his passion for the art led him to stay up all night right before heading out to practice in the morning.

In a recent interview clip shared by Sports Center, Harden reminisced about the time he was invited to spend time with his good friend Meek Mill as well as Lil Baby and Lil Durk. The rappers had called Harden and told him that they had landed in Houston and invited him to their late-night studio session so that he could check out their new material.

This posed a dilemma for the Rocket’s Stad as he had a scheduled practice for the following morning. Overcome with the fear of missing out. Harden decided to sacrifice the night’s sleep to take up the opportunity to hear the trio’s latest creation.

“They all called me like, ‘Yo, we about to pull up to Houston.’ Baby, Durk, Meek,” Harden said. “They all come to the house [from] Atlanta, like 2 in the morning. I gotta go to practice in the morning! They come in the studio and I’m up with them the whole time.”

He continued: “And I go right from the studio at 7:30 a.m. right to practice. I can’t miss this opportunity. They in the studio, I gotta see what these dudes about to talk about.”

Among some of the NBA stars who have taken up rapping, Harden has not just recorded his own material but also served as an executive producer for Baby and Durk’s collaboration, The Voice of the Heroes.

“From the beginning, I’ve had a passion for basketball, and music has always went hand and hand with it,” he said ahead of the album’s release. “It drives me on the daily to continue to be the best at what I do, to always strive for more. I see that same passion in Lil Baby and Lil Durk and can honestly I say I’m a true fan.”

Harden was traded to the 76ers a couple of weeks back and is seemingly very thrilled with his newfound place.

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