YFN Lucci was recently stabbed while in prison, but there is a lot more to the story. The rapper claimed his life was in danger. Lucci believed someone had placed a hit on his life. Now new information has come to light that Lucci might have been telling the truth and not just wanting out of jail.

Lucci claimed there was a bounty placed on his head. He was later stabbed from behind while talking to somebody on a video call. Many believed his efforts to convince authorities that he was in danger were a ploy to get out of lockup.

Thugger was recently arrested on RICO charges relating to the criminal activity of his YSL gang. 26 other YSL members were named in the indictment, including Gunna who just claims to be a rapper on the label and not involved in any criminal acts.

Prosecutors are alleging that Young Thug gave his associates permission to carry out a second attempt on Lucci’s life in the Fulton County prison where he is being held. This story will likely clear up a lot more as the case continues.


Michael Seiden of WSB TV reported on the news. Thug is accused of renting an Infinity sedan from Hertz that was used in the murder of a rival gang member, as well. The associates Young Thug apparently gave the OK to were named as Christian Eppinger and Antonio Sumlin.

Prosecutors allege that two associates of YSL, CHRISTIAN EPPINGER and ANTONIO SUMLIN, worked to get permission of @youngthug to make a 2nd attempt to murder @YFNLUCCI while he’s jailed in Fulton County. @wsbtv @MarkWinneWSB

YFN Lucci had previously complained that he feared for his life while being jailed. After he was stabbed, many speculated that Young Thug may have something to do with it. Others accused Lucci of lying to try and get out of prison.

The latest developments have revealed that it is possible that YFN Lucci was telling the truth. The major organized crime arrest of YSL now opens any potential hits ordered by Young Thug to come out during discovery in court. It could have dire legal consequences for Thugger and his gang.

It appears the stabbing may have been an orchestrated attack. Young Thug is being accused by many of ordering the hit on Lucci. Details are unclear at this time, but Lucci may have been telling the truth. Further information will become available as the court case against Young Thug and YSL escalates.

Fans will have to wait and see how this all plays out. There is a great deal of speculation about what may have happened regarding the incident. Soon, it will all come out in court.

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