YFN Lucci is currently awaiting trial in his murder case. Lucci is desperate to get out of jail because he believes he will die behind bars if he stays. According to recent legal documents, the rapper claims he was stabbed by a fellow inmate at the Fulton County Jail last month.

He’s been told there’s a bounty on his head among the inmates. YFN Lucci claimed in the documents acquired by TMZ that he was stabbed from behind while on a video call with someone on the outside. The other inmate stabbed him with a homemade shank.

During a fight, both YFN and another inmate had sharp instruments, according to the incident report obtained by TMZ. Tasers were used by guards to try to separate the guys, but they had little effect. During the fight, Lucci allegedly used racial slurs.

I feel like killing this n****!

During the melee, Lucci received medical care for a laceration to his head, though it’s unclear if it’s the stabbing injury he referenced in the documents. The other man will be charged with aggravated assault and battery, according to the report, but Lucci does not appear to be charged.

As a result, YFN Lucci is pleading with the judge to issue him bond so he can get out of jail as soon as possible. If he gets the bond, he’d be fine with 24-hour home confinement and wearing a monitoring device. He feels his life is in peril if he stays in detention.

Lucci is now incarcerated after prosecutors claimed he went to a strip club and a recording studio in violation of his previous bond conditions in his murder case. It will be interesting to watch if he is given another opportunity.

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