Machine Gun Kelly is known for fusing contemporary and alternative hip hop with rock in his compositions. The musician was recently embroiled in a legal battle. It has now been reported that Kelly won a little victory in his court battle.

According to Radar, as part of the case accusing him of assaulting an “elderly” parking lot attendant, Machine Gun Kelly received some huge news in court this week. A Los Angeles Superior Court judge has vacated a default against MGK in a lawsuit filed by a man called John Martin Tilli.

Tilli informed the court that MGK had blown off the lawsuit despite having been properly served. When MGK learned, he had his lawyer rush to court to handle the situation. The two sides recently gathered in court for a hearing, when the rockstar’s legal team presented their case and persuaded the judge to approve their motion.

According to the court minutes, MGK claimed that he had no actual notice of the service and that his delay was “due to mistake.” Tilli had been given permission to assist the rockstar by putting a notice in a publication. The rocker, however, revealed that he is frequently the focus of publications as a result of his career and that he “does not commonly read” articles about him.


The judge determined that MGK acted fast after learning of the case and will give him time to respond properly to the allegations. Tilli, 49, filed a lawsuit against MGK in August 2020, as previously reported. Tilli stated that he was working as a parking lot attendant in Los Angeles when MGK and Mod Sun arrived with a crew. The duo was filming their movie Good Mourning with a U.

According to the lawsuit, Tilli told MGK to leave since he didn’t have a permit. In response, he stated that the musician and his crew surrounded him in a circle. The group then allegedly started pushing Tilli from all angles until he escaped. The parking lot attendant stated that the incident caused him emotional distress. His suit seeks unspecified damages for the claimed assault, battery, and elder abuse. The last claim was added because of Tilli’s age.

A police report was filed in connection with the incident, but no charges were filed against Machine Gun Kelly. According to sources close to the musician, Tilli waited days before going to the police with his story.

Kelly simply got lucky in his court battle. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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