Bill Maher is one of the most recognizable political commentators in the United States. The “Real Time” host never lets that get in the way of a good discussion. Maher’s opinions are often controversial and this is no different. Maher claims Twitter ‘failed’ to ban the Hunter Biden laptop story and the Wuhan lab-leak theory.

As Elon Musk takes over the social media giant, “Real Time” host Bill Maher blasted Twitter for “failing” to define what should and shouldn’t be allowed on its platform. Maher cited Twitter’s “sensitive content” labelling of a video produced by the conservative satire The Babylon Bee, which mocked sensitive Twitter employees freaking out about Tesla CEO Elon Musk becoming their new boss.

Has Twitter failed in setting itself up in the past as the judge of what can go out there? And I would say yes, you have. You failed when you threw the New York Post off of Twitter for talking about Hunter Biden’s emails. And it turned out that was a real story. You failed when you said we couldn’t read about whether COVID had come from a lab. You failed!

‘Sensitive content,’ Twitter said. In the video, they were making fun of Twitter for being too sensitive. This is so ‘Through the Looking Glass’! This is well within what satire has always been. And the fact that they flagged this for being insensitive shows their complete lack of self-awareness about what their own problem is. If that’s where the line is, you have failed Twitter. You do need a new sheriff.


Maher chastised Twitter for becoming a “left-wing place” and media organizations for becoming “silos” for people who want to narrow their news to match their politics, hoping that the platform can become the “town square” Musk claims it should be.

The HBO star took a shot at former President Barack Obama, who recently launched a disinformation campaign and claimed that it will be Generation Z that “figures this out.” Maher chastised the education system for failing to teach young people “civics.” Check out the videos below.

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