Bill Maher is one of the most recognizable political commentators in the United States. The “Real Time” host never lets that get in the way of a good discussion. Maher’s opinions are often controversial and this is no different. Bill Maher believes Elon Musk has a superhuman mission, and it isn’t to send people to Mars, but to save Twitter.

The “Real Time” host pounced on the current CEO, whom he predicts will be fired by Mr. Musk, who boasted that Twitter is not defined by the First Amendment. He claimed that because the First Amendment only applies to Congress, no laws limiting free speech could be enacted. That, according to Bill, is a simple evasion.

Maher is responding to Elon Musk’s promise to make Twitter a safe haven for free speech. There has been a lot of criticism and fear about this, but Bill says let the sun shine in and free speech flourish. Bill cited numerous examples of how Twitter has failed by censoring free speech.

If that’s where the line is you have failed Twitter.

He mentioned how the New York Post was kicked off the platform for writing about Hunter Biden’s emails, but it turns out the story was true. He pointed out that Twitter has blocked discussion of the theory that COVID originated in a lab, and there is now a school of thought among some scientists that it did.

The best, however, is a Christian news and satire website that posted a skit about Twitter being too sensitive and was flagged by Twitter. As Bill stated, there is a complete lack of self-awareness. In terms of Elon taking over, Bill said he’s glad it’s not a 23-year-old at the helm, because he thinks Gen Z stinks. The man expresses himself.

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