Jason Oppenheim is the head man at “Selling Sunset.” Recently, an armed robbery had taken place in his office’s parking lot. Due to this, the office ended up getting extra security as well.

Jason Oppenheim is now shooting down rumors that he faked a phone call on “Selling Sunset.” While speaking to TMZ, Jason Oppenheim was asked about what some ‘Selling’ fans saw as a fake phone call during a new episode.

While the screen showed his camera app, instead of the phone app, Jason claimed that he really was speaking to a client. Oppenheim decided to prove it as well by calling up a friend.

He ended up calling a friend and showing his screen. The rumors started after fans saw Jason placing a call during season 5 of the Netflix hits series. While he appeared to be talking, the phone screen told a different story.

Thankfully, Jason Oppenheim has managed to clear all doubts and clear his name by the looks of it.

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