Drake and Lil Baby collaboratively released “Wants And Needs,” and they set the summer on fire. The song maintained Baby and Drake’s streak together, and some may claim that it’s their best collaboration to date. A woman, however, went viral for rapping the “Wants and Needs” verse at a wedding reception and it seems like Drake has found her.

The 2021 smash possibly had one of Baby’s best verses of the year, and one fan got attention this week for rapping it word-for-word. After a TikTok video of her smoothly rapping the verse was shared around Twitter, IG user @brooklyn.staggss went viral.

The girl became a hot topic, and it appears that even Drizzy has caught wind of her viral popularity. Drake has since followed @brooklyn.staggss on Instagram, indicating that he was impressed by the video.

The user has previously gone popular for her lip-syncing abilities. On TikTok, she posted a video of herself rapping to King Von’s “Welcome To The O.” On TikTok, that video received over 40,000 likes.

Lil Baby just announced a tour with Chris Brown, which will be sponsored by Rolling Loud. Beginning in Raleigh, NC, and culminating in Las Vegas at the end of August, the two are set to hit the road this summer.

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