Lil Baby’s debut album, My Turn, catapulted him into international stardom two years ago. Though he hasn’t been completely absent, the Atlanta rapper has kept fans waiting for his next project. Last summer, he collaborated with Lil Durk on Voice Of The Heroes, and he proceeded to deliver a steady stream of superb guest verses.

Baby has kept fans on the edge of their seats waiting for new music, and it appears that we aren’t too far away. The rapper just revealed a clip of a new song on Instagram, which features the same Ellie Goulding sample used by Drake and Jay-Z on “Pound Cake.”

I’m Just Warming Up 🙃 #
#Thissummermines 🔥🔥

With opulent flashes of private aircraft and sharing stages with Billie Eilish, the rapper’s sugary, autotuned vocals sink into the muddy production, ruminating on treachery and betrayal among those he came up with. Back in February, Baby gave a brief update on the release of new songs.

The rapper announced on his Instagram story that he was almost completed with his next project and that new music was on the way. There’s no indication on when the freshly teased track will be released, but Baby appears to be on the move. Take a look at the sample below.

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