Drake & Lil Baby have a strong chemistry together whenever they collaborate on tracks together. This is evidenced by their singles such as “Yes Indeed” & “Wants & Needs.” Fans are about to get another dose of that duo.

Lil Baby is teaming up once again with the hottest rapper in all of hip-hop himself, Drake. The 26-year-old rapper announced this new collaboration while performing at the Icebox. Baby also revealed while conversing with one of his associates that he will emphasize more on writing lyrics, instead of usually taking to freestyle.

I ain’t gon’ lie, I got a song for [Drake] right now. I done went to the studio like two times. I ain’t feel it yet. But it’s like a slow song. All the slow songs, they really– and then it takes me longer to rap ’cause like, I don’t really care what I say on a song. You feel me? I just freestyle. But with Drake, I be trying to think about it. And that’s what makes it harder for me ’cause like, I’m thinking. When I don’t even think, I just rap. So then like, ’cause it’s Drake, I get kind of like, damn… So I gotta make sure. Now it’s kind of like, eh. But my next album, I’m writing it. Every song, I’m writing it. So it’s gonna be more detailed. Right now, I freestyle so only the top of my brain comes out.

As Drake & Lil Baby’s collaboration on Drake’s Scary Hours 2 EP was a massive hit, it should be of no surprise to anyone that the next banger these two hip-hop legends will put out will be equally ground-breaking, if not more ground breaking than “Wants & Needs.”

With Baby deliberately planning over the lyrics and composition of this song, it might end up competing with Kanye West’s DONDA effort, on which Lil Baby himself is featured.

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