Johnny Depp has been regularly making headlines this week thanks to his ongoing defamation trial against ex-wife Amber Heard. Depp has received a lot of support from fans around the world and now a famous women’s group on Facebook is also backing him up.

Depp has claimed that Heard has been abusive to him throughout their marriage. As noted earlier, the jury in the ongoing case was shown pictures of Depp’s busted face recently. The court heard they were the injuries, the actor suffered at the hands of his ex-wife.

A popular Women’s Facebook page by the name, of A Woman’s Soul, took to the platform to show their support of Depp in the ongoing suit. They made the following post and garnered a lot of traction.

So throughout the past week during the Depp/Heard trial we have learned:


•Women can verbally assault men in front of everyone and it’s perfectly fine.

•A woman can relieve herself on a man’s pillow and laugh with her friends about it and that’s fine

•A woman can cut off a man’s finger tip in a heated argument and no one bats an eye

•A woman can demand money in a civil setting and claim its for donation purposes and keep it and all is right with the world.

•A woman can gas light a man into believing horrible things about himself that are not true

•A woman can smirk and laugh during court proceedings while a man is forced to relive horrible experiences

•A woman can talk poorly about a man’s kids

•A woman can put make up and finger nail polish on her and the law will pass it off as bruises and blood

•A man can be trauma bonded into submission

•A man can love hard and be fearful of failure and force himself to stay

•A man can battle addictions but like everyone else, cannot do it alone.

•A man can lose his career over allegations but a woman with the same keeps her job.

•A man is not allowed to defend himself in court without harassment

•A man is not allowed to have a fair trial because the judge backs the woman

•A man is judged because he worries how the accusations will affect his children, family, etc.


I stand with Johnny Depp.


#JohnnyDepp #MenAreVictimsToo #NobodyFightsAlone

As of writing this the post has attracted 94k reactions, over 8.6k comments and 71k plus shares. In the thread people are weighing in on the topic at the same time showing support to Johnny Depp.

Depp’s case represents abused men around the world. If he ends up winning this thing it will set a good precedent for all domestic cases in the future. Fans and everyone else who has heard about this matter is eagerly awaiting the conclusion of this suit.

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Bhupen Dange

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