Travis Scott did not perform at any of the Coachella 2022 events because of the Astroworld tragedy. However, he couldn’t miss an after-party. The events of Astroworld are still thick in our minds, but that didn’t stop him from raging after the show. Finally after the Astroworld tragedy, Travis Scott has returned to recording songs.

On “Hold That Heat,” Travis collaborated with Future. Travis, Future, and producer Southside are all featured in the music video. Travis performed the chorus part of the track.

Hold that, hold that heater [aka gun].

During the song, Travis and Future also share a joint. There’s also a striptease, courtesy of a woman who isn’t wearing much. There is no mention of the catastrophe that occurred at the Houston festival in November, in which ten people died.


Travis has mostly kept a low profile since then, performing at a Coachella after-party and visiting SoFi for a game, but otherwise keeping his head down. Travis is being sued by a number of people who were at the festival, as well as the relatives of those who perished, as we previously reported.

It’s unclear how Travis will manage his career around the cases, which may take years to settle or battle. There are several references in the song, including one to his future album “Utopia.” “Six months down out in Cabo,” he rapped, alluding to reports that he’s been going back and forth from a studio in Mexico. Check out the videos below.

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