Travis Scott is recognized for being one of hip-top hop’s performers. He hasn’t been able to perform in the last five months due to the aftermath of the Astroworld Fest disaster. Many people died during his event in November, and many people believe it was his fault because he didn’t stop the show.

Scott was pulled from upcoming festivals, and it was unclear whether he would be permitted to return. Scott did receive a break recently night when he was invited to an Oscars party in Bel-Air. It was attended by the likes of Tyga, Venus and Serena Williams, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Tobey McGuire.

Scott was even requested to perform during the event, as seen in the video below, courtesy of TMZ. Scott performed a number of his hits while also demonstrating his DJ talents. Needless to say, it was a lovely little comeback for the musician, considering it was his first performance since the tragedy.

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner welcomed their child on February 2nd of this year. Scott has also recently announced the launch of Project HEAL, with the goal of donating $5 million to community-based initiatives. The Project did not appear to please the Astroworld victims, who recently chastised him for donating $5 million to charity.

It’s unclear when or if Scott will be added to a new festival roster, so stay tuned to Thirsty for News for all the latest hip-hop news and updates. Check out the clip of Travis Scott’s performance below.

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