Tupac Shakur was tragically shot and killed 25 years ago, leaving the entire hop-hop scene devastated and in shock. Tupac was gunned down in a car after attending a Mike Tyson fight with Suge Knight in Las Vegas. Years of investigations have been fruitless, as Shakur’s killer is still on the loose.

Radar Online has learned that one of Tupac Shakur’s closest friends and fellow rappers recently revealed in a bombshell new interview that the late rap legend was paranoid at least two weeks before his death. Numskull, a 46-year-old rapper, spoke on the Murder Master Music Show.

He described one event, exactly two weeks before Tupac’s untimely death, when Tupac was uncommonly paranoid. Despite his subsequent murder being characterized as a surprise to everyone, the recent finding implies Tupac was foreseeing something bad in his future.

Me and Pac was hella cool, I was with Pac two weeks before he died. He was at the Madrian Hotel in Los Angeles on Sunset. He called me to bring him some females up to his room, so I picked up two females and brought them up there. When I saw Pac, I saw him upstairs in the window and he came sweating. So, I thought he must be working out up there. I go upstairs with the girls, he opens the door and he keeps going back and forth from the door to the window from the door to the window, he looked spooked. That was the last time I saw him. He just looked paranoid!

Tupac was shot and killed two weeks later, on September 7, 1996, while driving through Las Vegas with Suge Knight on their way to Club 662. So many years later some are under the belief that his killer will finally be brought to justice.

The rapper was brought to the University Medical Center of Southern Nevada after being struck four times – in the arm, thigh, and twice in the chest – and remained on life support until September 13, when he died of internal hemorrhage.

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