Kodak Black is one of the most controversial rappers in the music industry, and his provocative opinions are well-known. However, Yak’s advice to Will Smith might not be to stick around with Jada to make sure people keep her name out of their mouths. It seems Yak recently dissed Jada and 2Pac.

In Jada Pinkett Smith, Kodak Black is striking three birds with one stone by trashing her and asking her out at the same time. Also, simultaneously dissing the late Tupac Shakur. The rapper was uncensored this weekend as he offered his thoughts on the subject, namely how he perceives Jada and Will Smith’s relationship.

He looks to be on Will’s side, alleging Jada has been doing him dirty without getting too specific. While it’s unclear what he means when he claims she’s out of pocket, there are a few possibilities, including a recently resurfaced ‘Red Table Talk’ film in which she states she didn’t want to marry Will in front of her husband. It’s about as awkward as it sounds.

Even though Will doesn’t appear upset by the conversation, as he joins in and reminisces about the early days. Still, it’s just one of a slew of clips that have surfaced in recent weeks that some are using as proof that their relationship is odd, and possibly toxic. At least, that’s how it appears from the outside. Likewise, Kodak believes he detects some turbulent waters.


Kodak Black diagnosing Will and Jada relationship “You don’t deserve Will smith… you deserve YAK”

That’s why he claims Jada doesn’t deserve a wonderful guy like Will and instead, should be with him. His reasoning isn’t entirely clear, but he uses Pac to make his argument. Black claims that Tupac wasn’t always all the way gangster, bringing up the fact that Tupac attended a performing arts school in his youth.

On the other hand, Kodak appears to believe he’s more thugged out than Tupac, and hence a better match for her than Will. Of course, Jada continues to bring up Tupac to this day, and while she insists they were never more than simply really, really good friends, some have argued that her frequent harkening back to his memory, particularly in relation to Will, is odd.

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