Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson maybe a superstar but he is a family man first. The Rock celebrated Easter Sunday in a big way. As is the case in every household, kids played a big part in the family festivities.

The XFL owner often posts pictures of memorable moment spent with his kids. This weekend, the Rock not only celebrated Easter but also his daughter’s birthday. He wrote a heartfelt post on Instagram about the memorable action packed day.

The Rock is father to three daughters — Simone, Jasmine, and Tiana. His youngest daughter Tiana aka “Tia” was born in April 17, 2018. Tia turned 4 today and celebrated the occasion with a big birthday bash. The kid has taken after her father as she is incredibly active.

The Rock wrote: “She runs around NON-STOP like the little tornado she is and when it comes to eating her birthday cake, it all comes to a hard stop – meaning I have to stop doing what I’m doing when she says…’Daddy feed me’ Then the Mermaid piñata takes a beating until it’s just a hanging head” He added photos of the decapitated mermaid piñata. After a wishing a Happy Easter, Johnson concluded, “My greatest joy is being your daddy.”

The Rock is more than just an extra ordinary wrestler, highest paid actor or a wise businessman. He is also a father, something he takes immense pride in. It is quite evident that The Rock shares a close relationship with his kids.

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