Mickey Rourke is a versatile person who has not only gained fame in the entertainment industry but also in boxing. Due to his injury, Mickey Rourke is facing a difficult time these days. Mickey Rourke revealed that his forehead is covered with a painful-looking bloody gash.

Mickey Rourke, an Oscar candidate, disclosed on Tuesday that he had a painful-looking injury to his forehead, which left bloody gashes. He posted a picture on his Instagram account only showing his forehead injury and eyes.

“Looks like my skateboarding days are over,” the 69-year-old captioned his gruesome photo on Instagram, where he has 217K followers. Mickey has never been seen riding anything other than gym equipment and the occasional motorcycle for business, so it’s unclear if he was joking.

“Gotta make sure “the head isn’t scrambled eggs.”


Hopefully, Mickey’s injuries won’t prevent him from completing his latest part as Ruslan Petrovic, a dissatisfied Serbian mobster in Murder At Hollow Creek, which is currently ‘on the edge of ending production in Mississippi.

Penelope Ann Miller, Paul Ben-Victor, Jason Patric, Casper Van Dien, Jason London, Jeremy London, and Patrick Muldoon feature in David Lipper’s action thriller “with dark humor.” Many of Rourke’s followers took to the comments section and expressed their concerns and even many joked about this.

“Are you ok??”

“C’mon Mickey! You know the drill, when you fall down pick yourself up dust yourself off and try again!”

“But judging from the gash you got maybe you’re right! Get well soon brother!”

“You should see the other guy.”

What are your thoughts on Mickey’s injury? Do you think he’s faking it? What may be the reason for him to be lying if he is? Let us know in the comments. For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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