Joe Exotic is giving up on his marriage while he’s incarcerated. Dillon Passage, the exotic animal enthusiast’s young spouse, recently filed for divorce. However, Joe Exotic’s assertion that he won’t sign divorce papers has been debunked by Dillon Passage.

Dillon Passage refutes Joe Exotic’s assertion that he is postponing completing their divorce papers, telling Page Six exclusively that it is Exotic who has been avoiding it. “I hired attorneys in September of last year in Texas, Kirker Davis law firm,” Passage explains.

“They worked directly with Joe’s attorney, Francisco Hernandez, on multiple occasions to draw up paperwork, which was approved by Joe’s legal counsel.”

Passage claims that his lawyers were obliged to produce a second document that included all of Exotic’s terms and was “again approved by Joe’s counsel, and yet Joe refused to sign.” It is also stated that, “The previous attempts were not skipping out due to Joe refusing to sign anything.”


Exotic’s new attorney, Dashawn Young of Autumn Beck Blackledge’s legal firm, said, “Their marriage held no jurisdiction in the state of Texas.” In a letter released on Twitter on Thursday, Exotic and Young accused Passage of avoiding communication with them.

“Joe ‘Exotic’ has tied to obtain information about Mr. Passage and his whereabouts so that the two could enter into what he hopes would be an amicable divorce, but so far, his attempts to get Mr. Passage to contact him have failed. It is the hope of the Tiger King that they can both move on with their lives and divorce quickly and amicably.”

Exotic captioned the letter, “Dillon, please just sign it and go away,” hinting that his estranged husband is contesting the split. Exotic filed divorce papers in Santa Rosa County, Florida, on Thursday. In the petition, the Netflix celebrity, whose actual name is Joseph Maldonado, stated that the marriage is “irretrievably broken” and asked for alimony.

The couple was married for four years and they do not have any children together. On December 11th, 2017, they married in Davis, Oklahoma. Passage has amassed a following of over 100,000 Instagram followers since the release of “Tiger King” on Netflix at the start of the COVID-19 quarantine. However, he declared in July 2021 that he is in a new relationship with a man named John.

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