Elisabeth Finch is a longtime writer and consulting producer of Grey’s Anatomy. That being established, after previously being put on leave, she has decided to take a leave of absence from the ABC medical drama.

According to a the New York Post, Finch requested and was granted a personal leave of absence. Last month, Finch, was charged with authoring many tales based on her personal experiences, some of which were reportedly fabricated. Following the shocking news, Disney launched a human resources investigation into her.

That investigation has since been closed, and Finch has chosen to leave the Shonda Rhimes-created show on her own. Finch told the Hollywood Reporter in a statement.

“I will always remain one of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’s’ biggest fans. I loved the show from day one and had the honor to write for it since Season 11.”

“Watching survivors of rape receive the episode ‘Silent All These Years,'” she noted, as the “proudest moment” of her career.

“‘Grey’s Anatomy’ is one big-hearted, brilliant family. As hard as it is to take some time away right now, I know it is more important that I focus on my own family and my health. I’m immensely grateful to Disney, ABC, and Shondland for allowing me to do so and for supporting me through this very difficult time.”

Disney was determined to examine the scriptwriter and halted any probing into charges that intimate details of her life, including medical-related difficulties, had been fabricated when she decided to leave the show. Finch is said to have refused to submit a note and requested a leave of absence from the long-running show. Her medical records are protected under patient privacy law, or the HIPPA Act, therefore Disney allowed her to go.

Finch was accused in March of fabricating personal experiences — including being diagnosed with bone cancer, having an abortion, and losing a kidney — and using them in her screenplays. Finch started writing for “Grey’s Anatomy” in 2015 and has also written for “The Vampire Diaries” on the CW and HBO’s “True Blood.”

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