Tiger King ended with Joe Exotic getting a new beau, Dillon Passage. Fans wondered how Joe’s incarceration will impact the marriage. Just as some predicted, it seems like things are not going good between the two.

Joe Exotic is giving up on his marriage while he sits behind bars. The exotic animal enthusiast just filed for divorce from his young husband, Dillon Passage. As fans already know, Joe has had his share of tumultuous relationships and marriages.

Joe’s first husband, Travis Maldonado died after “accidentally” shooting himself. 2 months after his passing, Joe tied the knot with Dillon on Dec. 11, 2017. Joe and Dillon have been estranged for about a year.

Dillon called Joe in prison last March and let him know that he wanted to split. This inevitably lead to Joe Exotic initiating the divorce and filing documents. The documents obtained by TMZ show that Joe believes his marriage is irretrievably broken.


Dillon has already moved on with a new boyfriend, and Joe is looking for love as well. However, we’re not sure if he can find the right partner in prison. In the docs, Joe says he’s in need of alimony in the form of a lump sum. Joe also wants to change his name from Joseph Allen Maldonado-Passage back to Joseph Allen Maldonado. We’ll keep you updated as the story progresses.

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