Tiger King was one of the most popular docuseries to come out of Netflix. The show took the world by storm however its second season didn’t achieve the previous heights. Many suggested that it was because Joe Exotic was behind bars.

As an outcome of his documented misdeeds Joe Exotic was serving a 22-year-long prison sentence. Joe Exotic tried his best to get out of prison earlier than expected. His wish was granted but he isn’t getting out as nearly as he had hoped for.

There was a chance the 22-year sentence would be reduced to 17 years, but that didn’t happen. The court knocked only one year off of his 22-year sentence. Recently, judge ruled the sentence for the murder-for-hire conviction was erroneous as the trial court miscalculated the 2 charges on which Joe was convicted.

Carole Baskin and her husband attended the hearing as well. As many viewers already know, Joe is serving time for allegedly trying to hire two men to kill his arch nemesis Carole Baskin. Additionally, he also behind bars for crimes against animals.


Joe originally requested to be let out of prison for his cancer treatment, but we don’t yet know the decision on that. It will be interesting to see whether Joe’s serving time will reduce even further. And if he will get out out prison alive, given his poor health.

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