YK Osiris is presently one of the top rising rappers in the hip-hop scene thanks to his music. Unfortunately, he has been going through a rough patch as of late. It seems he again lost a fortune because of his unwise betting.

Some people have a gambling addiction, and YK Osiris could be one of them. We’ve already covered the R&B singer’s recent victories and losses, which include wagers with Drake, French Montana, Lil Baby, and Polo G. Only Polo appears to have triumphed over Osiris of the artists listed, while the others have claimed he owes them money.

Lil Baby harassed YK Osiris about a debt while they were out shopping, and YK Osiris was reportedly down $60K after losing a basketball game to Drizzy. He was apparently able to get out of that one by singing. Osiris was even accused of owing French Montana $5,000 after losing a bowling bet, but the singer quickly refuted the allegations.

Footage of Osiris balling in the paint was released this week, and he was joined by fellow R&B sensation Yung Bleu. After losing the game, Osiris is seen in the video coughing up $10,000 to Bleu. YK owing so much money feels staged at this point.


Nav, a Canadian rapper, decided to cash in on the situation in the comments section. We surely hope YK Osiris’ bad luck comes to an end, as the rapper has recently become everyone’s favorite punching bag. Check out the Instagram video below.

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