The Game is certainly one of the most established rappers in the world of hip-hop. He is highly successful but it wasn’t always that way for the rapper as he worked hard to bring himself up from poverty. He commented on Will Smith’s current controversy recently as well.

As seen during the Oscars Award ceremony this year, Will Smith brutally slapped Chris Rock after he joked about Smith’s wife. This led to a lot of backlash and also a huge debate as the world discussed who was truly wrong in the exchange.

Cancel culture is now prevalent all over the world and has far-reaching consequences as anyone is at the risk of being cancelled for saying something that might be seen as offensive to others.

The Game recently took to his Instagram and uploaded a screenshot of a Hollywood Unlocked report on Smith possibly losing his Best Actor award. The Game ripped Hollywood for trying to cancel Will Smith.

They didn’t even want to give it to him in the first place… he acted off impulse & imposed a slap down out of frustration & embarrassment on behalf of his wife. Most people with opinions on the situation don’t have a committed relationship let alone a marriage of over 20 years to weigh against his feelings in the matter. He’s human & comedy is not always an excuse to publicly humiliate people especially while sitting front & center. Although violence anywhere is & should always be depicted in a negative light, this was a lul ass slap in defense of a woman battling a very delicate health issue. I’ll close by saying, they don’t want us to be equal, never have & never will…. This fool Alec Baldwin took a woman’s life on set & got sympathy from the same Hollywood that is trying to condemn one of our greatest actors in history.

It just so happens that he’s black !!!! Harvey Weinstein didn’t have to forfeit any accolades or awards & Roman Polanski was guilty of having sex with a minor & then vanished, became a fugitive & was still given an award. un-related to Hollywood but still an example of white privilege, Kyle whatever tf his name is killed people purposely & didn’t get a single day in prison… but y’all investigating a pimp slap… foh fr fr…. We ain’t gone ever wake up. And really, behind closed doors they’re all laughing at our black ass, cause low & behold they probably wrote the joke in Chris’s prompt and set them both up….. oh’ & 100 years after Emmett Till’s gruesome hanging… the now president signs an anti lynching law… so what that mean for the other 100,000 + lynchings done before then and along the way ??? They weren’t illegal ? Mannnn…. Stop expecting them to ever view us as humans too…. We wayyyyyy too nice. Nuts how we got billionaire black folk & cant just come together & create other BIGGER platforms in addition to what we already have that really gives us the true glory we deserve. Maybe next life time……. 🥷🏿 @willsmith

Will Smith is expected to face disciplinary action, which also includes the suspension of his Academy membership. We hope such an incident never happens again.

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