Boosie Badazz was one of the first artists to offer Yung Bleu his chance to shine in the mainstream, and he’s now an award-winning musician. The Alabama rapper has risen through the R&B ranks, securing his place in the genre with collaborations with Drake and Chris Brown. But as he has matured, his focus has shifted away from Boosie.

There appears to be an ongoing issue over contracts and deals, since Boosie mentioned having to take someone to court in another lengthy interview with VladTV. Vlad inquired if Boosie and Bleu were able to resolve their contract conflict. Boosie replied negative and claimed to take everybody to the court.

Nah, I gotta take everybody to court. I gotta take everybody to court. It’s just the people who all was behind it. People did some messed up business and it’s coming back, it’s gon’ come back to haunt everybody, bro. I just was f-cked over, bro… I don’t really blame Bleu.”

Boosie stressed that he was not planning to sue Bleu over the incident. After that, Vlad told Boosie that he had never heard of Yung Bleu before the Louisiana rapper asked the platform to interview him. Boosie continues to believe in Bleu’s abilities and career.


Boosie was careful not to reveal too much information during the conversation. They’ll get out of this mess, but as businesspeople. He’ll carry out his responsibilities as a businessman. Below is a video of Boosie’s interview.

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