YK Osiris is returning to his old habits in the new year as if all the money he’s given back to his buddies wasn’t enough of a lesson. The Florida crooner has been called out by a lot of musicians for unpaid debts. French Montana is making sure he doesn’t get forgotten in the shuffle.

Over the holiday weekend, French Montana collaborated with YK Osiris. They shared a message on his Instagram story with their followers about the problem that needed to be resolved between them.

According to French, YK borrowed a large sum of money from him but has yet to repay it. French Montana muttered something before YK wrapped his arms around him, laughing and promising to fetch him the money.

“I found my n****a, he owe me some money. He don’t wanna pay me, but I’m going to get my money in the Bahamas.”

“You owe me $5,000 from bowling, you never paid me. On God, I’m getting my money.”

YK owing so much money feels staged at this point, because everyone from Drake to Lil Baby to Boosie Badazz has called him out for not paying his bills. Drake led the pack when he forced YK to do some fairly amusing things, such as perform “Worth It” at his Toronto house to clear a large $60,000 debt.

“You owe me 60 bands, and you have to perform the song in the crib. I’m giving you an out. I’m not Baby, I’m not Boosie. You don’t owe me two racks or five racks. You owe me 60 bands, and I’m playing the song right now. You ready?”

Osiris was hesitant at first, but ultimately gave in and put his all to the performance. Booming out his vocals with conviction, making Drake and the few others cry with laughter. YK does not appear to be paying back the money any time soon. Tune in to Thirsty for the most recent information.

Shivangini Rawat

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