Thirst traps are an Instagram staple. Demi Lovato was caught by their own fans as they sent out a sultry photo to supposedly get a new follower’s attention. Demi’s doings have been re-visited and made fun of by fans yet again.

There is no doubt that Henry Cavill is incredibly handsome. Upon linking up with “Superman” online, Demi quickly put up picture of a sultry lingerie snap. Lovato also also liked a string of Henry’s posts.

This happened a few years ago, 2017 to be exact. However, the viral moment was resurrected by a popular celebrity gossip Instagram account. The post is getting a lot of traction as fans stormed the comment section making fun of the singer.

Popular Instagram account Comments By Celebs re-uploaded the moment. The account screenshotted a Twitter user writing: ‘that era where you could see what people were doing on Instagram was insane’. Another user replied: ‘I ain’t forget’ and then shared Demi’s Instagram history with Henry.


The post got viral on twitter and Instagram with fans relating to the incident. Many users said they would have done the same thing as Demi. ‘Look. I would shoot my shot with that man if I thought I had even an iota of a chance, too.’ Sadly, none of us have a chance. Henry is in a relationship with Natalie Viscuso. The pair began dating during the pandemic and went public with their relationship last year.

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Shifa Jahan

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