Nicki Minaj is one of the most well-known musicians in the world, so it’s always a big deal when she releases a new single. That was certainly the case this week, when Nicki released “We Go Up,” a drill-inspired track featuring none other than Fivio Foreign. It’s a song that’s been getting a lot of play, and it’s evident that fans are having fun with it.

When Nicki releases a new song, you can typically count on her to have a music video ready or a piece of media planned for the weeks after the release. In the case of “We Go Up,” it appears like Nicki has chosen the latter approach.

In fact, Nicki and Fivio were photographed in New York City recenntly, both driving a stunning pink Lamborghini. Nicki was dressed to the nines in a huge pink fur coat, while Fivio was dressed entirely in black. There were a lot of people on the street who were watching, and it appears that they will be a big part of the music video as well.

New York based rapped, Fivio Foreign recently spent his birthday with a particular friend by his side. Nicki Minaj was in attendance at his event and offered him a lot of love on social media. Following Nicki Minaj’s surprising release of “We Go Up” on March 25, this recent collaboration comes as no surprise.

The song featuring Fivio Foreign achieved #1 on the US iTunes list despite no promotion or video. It’s unclear when the video will be released to the general public, but stay tuned to Thirsty for all the latest hip-hop news and updates.

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