Sports broadcasting is, without a doubt, one of the most difficult professions in the journalism world. One must provide interesting and informative live commentary while keeping up with a fast-paced game. This frequently leads to mistakes, and some of them find a special place in the hearts of the listeners as they enjoy the game.

The Toronto Raptors faced the Indiana Pacers on Saturday nights. At one point, team color commentator Jack Armstrong attempted to make a reference to Ron Burgundy but instead said the name of disgraced former porn star Ron Jeremy. This amused Matt Devlin, who was doing play-by-play, and it resulted in some hearty laughs that couldn’t be contained.

Fans who were watching the broadcast laughed out loud at the exchange, and they immediately took to Twitter to express their delight. In fact, Ron Jeremy became a Twitter trend almost immediately after the incident.

“Matt Devlin losing it to Jack Armstrong saying Ron Jeremy instead of Ron Burgundy is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.”


“The Raptors announcer just dropped a “Ron Jeremy” when trying to remember the name of the lead character in Anchorman. His partner died laughing. Someone get the clip ASAP.”

“Absolutely crying laughing at the raps broadcast rn Jack Armstrong confusing Ron Burgundy and Ron Jeremy is great stuff. I’m Dying Saying Ron Jeremy Instead Of Ron Burgundy.”


Accidents like this happen all the time, but you can’t help but laugh at how amusing this particular incident was. Even better, you can see some of the best reactions down below. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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Shivangini Rawat

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