Cardi B has a lot to be happy about and now she is out of the clutches of a lawsuit. Obviously, this big time legal win is going to give her cause for celebration.

Cardi B was embroiled in a defamation action in which her sister was accused of calling MAGA supporters racist. It will be comforting to learn that the lawsuit, which has been pending since 2020, has finally reached a conclusion. Cardi B and her sister, Hennessy, recently won the defamation case.

Cardi B has a reason to be happy tonight. because she recently won a slander case. TMZ reports that the three people who sued Cardi and her sister, Hennessy Carolina, in New York City in September 2020 over a squabble in the Hamptons have lost their case.

According to the lawsuit, Hennessy and her companions arrived at Smith Point Beach and encountered three other beachgoers, one of whom wore a MAGA hat. Hennessy allegedly split into one of the three people and insulted and threatened the other two. The lawsuit also claimed that Hennessy referred to the group as “racist, MAGA supporters.” They claim that the term “racist” was used against them in a derogatory manner.


Cardi B, who was not present at the time, released a video of the confrontation, saying that her sister and friends were being singled out because they are Afro-Hispanic and LGBT. In the video, Hennessy refers to the three people as racists.

The three beachgoers filed a lawsuit alleging slander, as well as assault and battery. The case was just dismissed by a New York trial court, which is a huge win for Cardi and Hennessy. In terms of defamation, the judge stated that they were all merely broad insults that did not amount to defame. The judge concluded that there was no evidence that she meant to target to spit on any of the plaintiffs. The plaintiffs never even claimed such was Hennessy’s intention.

Finally, Cardi and her sister have a big win. Do you support this judgment? Let us know in the comments. For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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