Justin Bieber is one of the hottest pop acts in the industry today. The superstar has massive fan following across the globe. Justin recently gave his fans a smashing live performance as he kicked off his long-awaited Justice World Tour in San Diego, California.

TMZ reports Bieber is ready to put his legal woes behind him. He officially requested a judge to dismiss a case he filed against two women accusing him of sexual assault. In 2020, the artist filed a motion to drop his defamation suit against two Jane Does, who claimed he had abused them in 2014 and 2015.

While Justin was clearly furious by the allegations at first, angrily denying them, a source close to the situation said that he chose to drop the lawsuit because he thought he’d made his point and wanted to move on. As you may know, Bieber called the accusers’ stories into question.

He also stated that he had proof he was not at any of the locations they claimed he was when the alleged assaults took place. Jane Doe #1 alleged he sexually attacked her at a Four Seasons hotel in Austin following a SXSW event. JB claimed he never stepped foot inside on the night in issue, instead staying with then-GF Selena Gomez at a neighboring rental house.

Jane Doe #2, who claimed Bieber raped her at a different hotel in NYC after the Met Gala, Bieber rejected the charge once more, claiming he was at an after-party that night and that there were witnesses and photographic proof to back him up.

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